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Top 6 Best Exercises Weight Loss

It is very difficult to weight loss when someone puts it on their body. In this article we will describe to you how to weight loss or lose body fat with some top rated exercise. If you really want to lose weight then you should follow a strict workout routine. One good thing we tell you about our tips is that you should not join a gym , which is an expensive way to lose weight.

We share some of the great but time taking exercises which give a proper shape to your body and lose the fat and weight. So stay with us for exceptional tips to lose majority of your weight:

  • Running
  • Rope Jumping
  • Kick Boxing
  • Swimming
  • Rowing
  • Yoga


In the first we tell you about the simplest but most effective exercise which is a cause of weight loss. If someone really wants to lose an unusual weight or fat then he/she keeps running in the morning for 15 to 20 minutes daily.  Running is the simplest way to burn calories. There are several techniques of running, when you start running then run slowly and take a break then run again with some speed.

Most of the physicians give advice on running if someone wants to lose body weight, take care of heart health and running is good for sexual health also. The calorie burning area depends on the running speed, if someone runs slowly continuously then calories are burned slowly as well. But, if someone runs fast then he/she burns calories very ghastly. The last but not the least technique in running is sprinting. Sprints are the most calorie burning method which is a bit tough. Some people do jogging and they think they lose weight rapidly but this is a myth for those people.

Rope Jumping

If you did rope jumping in school last time then be ready to do rope jumping again for weight loss. We tell you one thing that rope jumping is one of the best calorie burning exercises or best exercise for weight loss. If someone does rope jumping daily with a routine then he/she will burn 318 calories. Rope jumping is an exercise in which the full human body accelerates or moves with full force. Like running, rope jumping is one of the best workouts for heart (cardiovascular) issues.

Professional physicians give advice on rope jumping to some of their patients who have high blood pressure, heart problems and unusual body fat. Because, in this workout blood circulation improved then the other exercise. Like running, in rope jumping there are different ways to jump the rope.

In the first go slowly because, if you start with high speed then your body tired too fast. For proper weight loss do rope jumping with one minute separation, which means to do exercise for one minute and then take some rest and do it again with some speed. By doing this exercise you will lose a huge amount of your body weight and fats. Some people enjoy rope jumping as well and that is a plus point for them because they have no unhealthy body fats.


Kickboxing is best for weight loss as well as the best workout for stress relief. I think kickboxing is one of the toughest exercises because there is more energy used to do this exercise but, the other aspect of this fat losing exercise that uses more energy is the shape of calories. So when calories are burnt then the bad and unhealthy body fat is lost. In kickboxing the body parts used are as follows:

–          Legs

–          Stomach

–          Foots

With movement of these body parts the majority of calories are burned and give a proper and beautiful shape to you. Professional physicians said that the most difficult fat loss is stomach fat, and the easiest way to put on it. If someone does kickboxing then the body will consume much oxygen which is helpful and good for human lungs also. If you really want to lose weight then take a 30 minute session of kickboxing. This one is a great exercise for weight loss and burns the calories from the human body.


Now here we discuss swimming because most people get tired of doing running and other weight loss exercises. Swimming is one of the most entertaining and joyful exercises for weight loss. Swimming is an excellent and exceptional workout which people do with full joy and concentration. When you do swimming then calories burn rapidly because water temperature makes your body cold and the human body resists that temperature. That means the body wants to make it hot. In this scenario, the human body consumes fats to make the body warm.

Most people do swimming as a sport and some people do it as an exercise but in both conditions the body loses the weight and comes in proper shape. In the end, swimming is great exercise and great enjoyment for athletes and for those who really want to lose body weight.


If you cannot do rowing in your gym session then you miss the chance to lose a huge amount of body weight. This exercise is best fit for your body, back, ribs and for your stomach fat. Basically it is a fat burning exercise. Rowing is the best weight loss exercise because any exercise which makes you uncomfortable and huge amounts of force consumed from your body side. At that time your body movement uses much force by which your heart, lungs and muscles work properly.

If someone really wants to lose body fat then do a rowing session of 15 to 20 minutes at the gym continuously. Start warming up your body and then do hard sets of rowing and lose your body fat or weight by doing this exercise.


Yoga is an exercise in which you can lose your weight slowly but in this kind of message the human brain works more properly. The main benefit to doing yoga is that your mind’s stress gets away from your brain. Yoga helps you to strengthen your mind and if the mind is good then the whole body does the job very accurately and smoothly. Many social media influence’s do yoga for their fitness and great body looks. Yoga is one of the best exercises for the mind and as well as best for weight loss.


In this article we describe the best exercises for weight loss and burning the body fats rapidly. We tell you about exercises which change your body shape by losing calories. All these exercises which we tell you that are best for your cardio health, for your lungs. When these exercises are performed by a human body, then the heart works with  a speed and circulates the blood in the whole body. On the other hand, when blood circulates rapidly, lungs consume more oxygen which is also a plus point and beneficial for the human body.

At the end we tell you about the miracle of nature, the human body heals itself by using the help of body parts. If some person has pain in his body then the organs work extra efficiently. This is the excellence of nature for a human being. All human systems control the human brain when the brain gives a message to all organs through blood and cells. We hope you found this article really meaningful and informative about health. We pray for your good health and stay blessed and happy.

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